The MF-boat weighs  1150 kilos and can be trailed after a regular car. It can be taken ashore and launched by using the small size cranes that you can operate yourself, and that often are available in club-harbours etc. The boat has a centered lifting eye, so slings around the hull should not be used, as it can damage the gunwhale or the topside finish. It balances perfectly and can also be lifted with the rig in place.

Centered lifting eye facilitates easy launching

Follow the operation order below:

Preparations: Detach the backstay, take off the boom / lay down the boom on deck.

Take down the mast: If the mast is to be taken off, first unscrew the rigging screws on the shrouds so the forestay can be detached.  Support the mast standing aft of it or with a line tied to the jib halyard ( the running end must be attached to the mast) and drop it aft with help of one other person that should receive it, standing aft of the mast. When the mast is down, detach it from the step, collect the rigging and take it ashore.

Attach mooring lines: Before lifting, attach two lines to the boat, one in each end for steering the boat when lifting.

Attach the lifting sling: Unscrew the lid covering the hole on the cabin top and attach the sling to the lifting eye on top of the ballast keel, and thread it up the hole.

Lift the boat: Attach the lift hook to the sling, tighten slightly  and get out of the boat. Lift the boat slowly while steering with the lines.

Trailer: If a trailer is avaliable , lower the boat onto it and secure. The mast can be carried secured on deck, preferably with the top pointing forward.

If just the boat bottom should be cleaned, put the keel on a piece of wood and secure the boat with the end-lines, together with a support on each side.

NB. When launching from a trailer, make sure to park so that the lifting hook is right over the hole in the cabin.