Mounting rig and other equipment

When the mast is erected and shrouds are attached, the rig is adjusted and remaining equipment fitted.

Upper shrouds: Tighten the upper shrouds until they feel inelestic. Do not tighten excessively.

Lower shrouds: Tighten the lower shrouds until the mast is straight athwardships and alongships, normally a bit looser than the uppers.  It might be necessary to adjust the lowers while sailing. N.B. Look under the headline TUNING for further information.

Backstay: Attach the backstay to the single block that runs on the crowfoot. Check that the gear tackle under the aft deck is set so the backstay can be completely slack, and also be tightened hard. This is adjusted by tightening or releasing the crowfoot line to the tackle.

Halyards: Thread the main and jib halyard lines (6 mm ) through the outer cam cleats (starboard and port) on the cabin top. Spinnaker halyard och spinnaker pole lift should run through the lead blocks at the side of the mast step to cam cleats on the cabin top. The spinnaker pole downhaul should run through a lead block on the forward side of the mast step to cam cleat on the cabin top.

Cunningham: Thread the cunningham line to the a cleat on the cabin top.

Kicking strap: Mount the kicking strap: The grey prestretched line is fastened to the upper of the two eyestraps on the after side of the mast. The other end of the grey line should run through the  single block that connects to the boom eyestrap. The line end is connected to the tackle (1:4) and the other end of the tackle is fastened to the lower eyestrap on the after side of the mast. The 6 mm line from the tackle is then taken to the center cleat on the cabin top.

Main boom: Connect the boom to the gooseneck.  Check that the securing pin on the pin bolt is widened. Attach the kicking strap to the boom eye.

Mainsheet arrangement: Mount the two mainsheet single blocks including the quick-detach hooks on the boom. Mount the single block with a becket on the traveller. Fit the adjustment lines on the traveller blocks. Mount the ratchet block on the swivel . Thereafter thread the mainsheet.(8 mm) Attach the main halyard to the boom end and tighten the halyard until the boom is level.

The center console with adjustment lines and mainsheet.

The jib sheets have gear ratio of 1:2.

Jib sheets: The two connected blocks should be attached to the jib clew. The sheet should be fastened to the jib traveller, lead through the clew blocks , back through the traveller block and further to the lead block at the cockpit. Jib sheets are 8 mm, and peeled in the jib end.

Jib sheet end to be attached to the traveler. Gear ratio 1:2.

Secure: Remember to secure pins on rigging screws, shackles, etc and to put reinforced rigging tape for protection and safety!

Rigging screws with tape protection

Spinnaker pole: Hang up the  pole on the main boom and tie the lift and downhaul lines.

Final control check: Before sailing, check that all schackles, nuts etc are tight and that all securing pins are widened. Reinforced tape should be used to wrap all sharp objects for your own protection as for sails etc. Also make knots in the halyard ends to prevent them from disappearing into the mast if released accidently.